Systems Transformation


The LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework is an “in health, by health” approach that outlines the behaviors and characteristics that successful health leaders employ to create personal, organizational, and systemic change. The LEADS framework seeks to develop the leadership capacity required for health agencies to transform themselves

LEADS In Action

An example of a successful LEADS organizational development program is Alberta Health Services by strengthening the leadership capacity within their community.

Here is an excerpt video they created to explain the five domains and 20 capabilities of LEADS to their leadership care.


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You know the challenges. You know the world is changing fast and you need to be able to respond at lightning speed to ever-shifting demands and contexts. To respond leaders today must coach and inspire people to continually improve and strive for excellence. They must be systems thinkers and change champions.

Bringing Diversity and Inclusion to Life

Diversity and inclusion—as well as being moral—is good business. Studies show that organizations with strong diversity programs outperform organizations without them. A diverse formal leadership team, that models how to be inclusive and sensitive to diverse perspectives, is fundamental for a health system to serve our distinct health care populations. Currently, statistics show that most health systems are woefully inadequate in creating diverse leadership teams.

Leadership Capabilities For A New Age

You know how fast the world is changing, and you know you need to be able to respond at lightning speed to ever-shifting demands and contexts. As a leader, you must be able to coach people and inspire them to strive for excellence. You need to be aware of the changing dynamics of your organization—and develop yourself for whatever challenges come next.

A Framework that Works

The LEADS framework shows leaders how to be inclusive and sensitive to the different perspectives and needs of our distinct health care populations. In fact, studies find that teams and organizations that embrace diversity outperform their peers. And diversity is important not only at the highest levels of an enterprise but in every position throughout the organization.

Leadership Journey: Health Sector Leadership Development

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LEADS Used in Top-Notch Organizations

For several years, the LEADS framework has helped leading health organizations and professionals improve care for patients, members, and communities in a sustainable way. Based on consensus and supported by extensive research, the LEADS framework has been endorsed by more than 70% of health organizations in Canada that leverage it successfully to improve all aspects of their health care. In fact, this tried and proven framework has been applied successfully in Australia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, India, and many more countries

Leadership Capabilities That Make a Difference

LEADS is an evidence-based framework grounded in ethical practice and psychological well-being, LEADS helps you design and implement a methodologically sound framework for your health care enterprise. That’s not all; LEADS helps you to improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of patient care in your health enterprise while encompassing culturally appropriate leadership behaviors in your jurisdiction. Click here to find out more.

Custom E-Learning for your Organization

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Mohamed Ameen

Mastering the Hero's Journey is key to managing organizational conflicts, especially in complex environments like hospitals. As a healthcare team leader, every conflict must be led towards progress. Thus, LEADS principles are an invaluable tool for healthcare leaders.

Laura Harrison

LEADS Global empowered me to overcome obstacles hindering my success and instilled confidence to take on new challenges. I've integrated LEADS into my personal and professional life, leveraging its knowledge and resources to pursue new opportunities. Highly Recommended

Dr. Anthony Lau

This program enhanced my confidence in supporting and empowering others through its structured modules, including didactics and reflective activities on LEADS concepts. It's a highly recommended program for leadership and self-development.

Lee Mckellar

The LEADS program provided valuable insights on my leadership journey, revealing areas for growth and development. It led to new professional opportunities and personal growth, helping me clarify my goals and strategies for achievement