Bringing Leadership to Life: Self-Directed Learning

This self-directed learning (SDL) process will allow you to leverage the Bringing Leadership to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment book by providing a structure that you can use to deepen the Learning Moments and content within the book. The SDL process will enable you to apply the Learning Moments within the book to your own unique workplace scenario. Each Learning Moment is meant to deepen the content of the book, and when applied to your own specific context, allows you to really “learn” the content through experimentation. Each Learning Moment offers a tangible exercise that can be applied to the lab that is your life.

You will be asked to select 20 Learning Moments for application and reflection based off of your identified areas for growth and interest. You will develop a Personal Learning Plan that will highlight the areas for growth and potential Learning Moments for application. As you read the LEADS text and complete Learning Moments, you are asked to complete an expression of your learning in the form of a Final Reflection.

Each Final Reflection can be a written response, a video, or another artifact that can be explained as an expression of your “learning” through application of the moment (more detail is provided on the Final Reflections page).

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