After reading the article and listening to the podcast, identify which listening villain you think you might be most often.  Think of some of the listening behaviours described in the article, and listening hacks explained in the podcast that you would like to try out.  

Your Heroic Deed is to immerse yourself in conversations and try a hack to address your listening villains.  Try at least one at home, with a friend, and at work.  Dedicate one full day to improving your listening using that hack.  Notice when you slip into one of the listening villains, and without judging yourself, try bringing yourself back to the conversation.  If you want to really stretch yourself, try out more of the hacks. 

As you do, observe with self-awareness, are you able to ask better questions?  Are you getting a deeper understanding of those you are in conversation with?  Are the conversations better, richer? In approximately 300 words or in a verbal recording, please reflect on your experience.  Upload here.