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Using Deep Listening Abilities to Enhance Your Communication Skills – Deep Listening (JV)

In the previous step, we highlighted how Deep Listening is very much Lead Self capability.  Why then are we discussing it under the Engage Others domain, and under the specific capability of “Communicates Effectively”?

Socrates, the famous philosopher of Greek antiquity, described himself as a “mid-wife to the soul”. Socrates is most famed for the Socratic method, his way to uncover and transmit knowledge through questioning versus telling.  Listening is part of a relationship — it requires there to be at least two people.  Deep listening allows you to understand deeper motivations that can enrich and enlighten the conversations and the relationship, it enables you to be a more adept communicator. 

Further, is a skill like any other – it is something we can develop.  Please read the following article that highlights some activities you can do: 

What Great Listeners Actually Do

It is up to you; you can either be a deep listening Super Hero or deep listening villain.  Please listen to the following podcast episode in order to enhance your understanding of deep listening:

Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli

Can you identify which listening villain you think you may be?  What are some super hero powers you can use?