Tests And Initiations: Learning From Trials And Tribulations (Required)

Key to all Hero’s Journeys is the struggle.  Every myth, novel, or good story contains the same elements: a protagonist locked into struggle with an antagonist, some other force that threatens the survival of the protagonist.  The Hero comes out the other side – never unharmed by the encounter but always stronger by withstanding and finding meaning through the challenge.  In some way the antagonist wins, as the protagonist has died, replaced by a hero.

A leader knows of the challenges inherent in being a leader.  As an informal leader, not everyone will listen nor hear your message.  Perhaps you are in a role of formal leadership, and that has already doomed you in the eyes of some.  The path for a leader isn’t easy – in the best of circumstances not everyone will share your vision and goal. People may resist, not understand, or lack energy for change – you may find the path you are walking is beset with saboteurs and added challenges.

In addition to the myriad interpersonal difficulties you may experience, there may be active opposition or obstacles such as policy, practice or culture that are antithetical to the vision.

Struggling with these barriers isn’t easy, and a leader remembers that difficulties are often the learning moments with the greatest potential for insight…

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