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Maximizing Time by Minimizing Distractions – The Art and Skill of Time Management (T-5)

“When it rains, it pours”

It’s easy to say manage your time when you no doubt are operating in an open system.  Sometimes we are just getting caught-up, or on the precipice of falling behind when there’s a spanner in the works – an emergency, a personnel issue, a complaint, a new directive – that swoops in and draws our attention elsewhere.  One side-effect of being prone to that reactivity is that the things you avoid may in fact be the problems you will soon be facing. 

One simple way to enhance your time management is to minimize distractions – pull yourself from the conditions which have the tendency to pull you away from your priorities.  Read the below article on minimizing distractions and see if you can identify some distractions and remedies you can enact to protect your skills: