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Prioritization – The Art and Skill of Time Management (T-5)

A monkey is subordinate-imposed time — the tasks or activities that you take on that someone else could probably do.  Sometime in our efforts to help, or to show we are part of the team, we take on tasks that can be done by others.  Not only does this diminish their growth and effectiveness, it impoverishes your time. 

Once you have identified your monkeys you can start thinking about how to get rid of them.  Knowing which work you must do and what work others can do is key to being able to prioritize your time. 

One way to enhance both the planning and organizational skills related to time management is to become better at prioritizing and assessing your work.  The Eisenhower Priority matrix is but one tool you can use to develop these skills:

Please read the following article on the priority matrix:

After reading the article, watch the below video to be able to understand how to use it:

If you can get into the habit of planning your day, using a tool such as the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize your activities, you will be amazed at how much more productive you are!